il Siren­te” was crea­ted in 1998 for the publi­ca­tion of scien­ti­fic essays on Euro­pean and inter­na­tio­nal poli­tics. In 2007, the edi­to­rial pro­ject was reor­ga­ni­zed, and 5 new col­lec­tions were crea­ted inclu­ding fic­tion and essays. At pre­sent, il Siren­te has three lite­ra­ry series (Fuo­ri, Altria­ra­bi, Comu­ni­tà Alter­na­ti­ve) and three non-fic­tion series (Inchie­ste, Nuo­vi per­cor­si, Dirit­to).

The key acti­vi­ty in the late­st period has been the series Altria­ra­bi, to pro­vi­de a per­spec­ti­ve and kno­w­led­ge about the Arab world, the model that the publi­sher wan­ts to deli­ver throu­ghout Euro­pe. In this con­text, the publi­sher has bene­fi­ted from col­la­bo­ra­tion with natio­nal and inter­na­tio­nal sec­tor asso­cia­tions, such us: “COSPE”, “MENA”, “IIC in Cai­ro”, “Sirya Untold”.

The suc­cess of this approach has been reco­gni­zed in having been awar­ded the Spe­cial Pri­ze F. Cuo­mo Inter­na­tio­nal Award in 2014 at the Ita­lian Sena­te, for “pro­mo­ting new forms of cul­tu­ral, social and human expres­sion of our times”.