Kar­ma Word­Press The­me

    Yes. Kar­ma now offers the abi­li­ty to insert a sli­der on eve­ry page tem­pla­te. When crea­ting a page you’ll sim­ply use Karma’s custom ‘Sli­der Set­tings’ sec­tion of the Page Edi­ting screen to custo­mi­ze and insert your Sli­der. We’ve made sure to stay true to the default Word­Press inter­fa­ce so abso­lu­te­ly nothing new to learn. Gone are the days of being loc­ked down to a “home­pa­ge tem­pla­te”. Boo-yah!

    Indeed it is. In Kar­ma 4.0 we have made it pos­si­ble to crea­te unli­mi­ted Gal­le­ry Pages using Parent and Child Cate­go­ries. Fir­st you will go to Gal­le­ry Posts > Cate­go­ries in the Word­Press bac­kend, then crea­te a Cate­go­ry, by default it will be a Parent. Now any cate­go­ry you crea­te after just select that pre­vious cate­go­ry as a parent. Each Parent Cate­go­ry repre­sen­ts its own gal­le­ry. So now all you have to do is choo­se the parent cate­go­ry in the page edi­tor for the page you wish to display the gal­le­ry on.

    Yes you can. We have taken the liber­ty of put­ting toge­ther some recom­men­ded short­co­des for the blog. For recom­men­ded Columns Click Here. And for other Short­co­de exam­ples Click Here.

    We won’t get into all the tech­ni­cal jar­gen. We will howe­ver say it is as easy as riding a bike. In Kar­ma 4.0 the­re is no set home­pa­ge lay­out. We have given you the option to use any of the lay­out tem­pla­tes (Left Side­bar, Right Nav + Side­bar, ect.) as your home­pa­ge lay­out. Also in the Page Edi­tor we have allo­wed you to turn off cer­tain ele­men­ts such as the Title Bar to bet­ter suit your home­pa­ge needs. Com­bi­ne that with being able to put a sli­der on any page and VOILA, you get to make your own home­pa­ge. Once again, Have Fun!

    You bet you can. Just tra­vel on over to the custom Site Options Panel (Appea­ran­ce > Site Options > Fon­ts). When the­re you will have the abi­li­ty to choo­se from 11 pre­set sam­ples we have pro­vi­ded for the Goo­gle Fon­ts. Or you have the option to enter your own custom font. Cheers!


Beau­ti­ful­ly craf­ted

    Yes indeed. Kar­ma offers a varie­ty of super easy-to-use sty­ling options for a ful­ly custom Hea­der desi­gn. Tog­gle the top-tool­bar, adju­st the hea­der height, add wid­ge­ts, select a custom pat­tern over­lay ima­ge and more. You can also use Karma’s power­ful logo options to posi­tion your company’s logo to the left, right or cen­ter.

    Kar­ma was desi­gned by an award-win­ning gra­phic desi­gn team. It comes pac­ked with 30 gor­geous color sche­mes making Kar­ma the per­fect Word­Press the­me for eve­ry type of busi­ness. Power­ful admi­ni­stra­tion options also ena­ble you to build your very own custom color sche­me. Oh and you can also choo­se a color sche­me on a per-page basis allo­wing for a dif­fe­rent color sche­me on each and eve­ry page of your web­si­te.

    Yes indeed. Over 90% of the Kar­ma the­me is com­ple­te­ly reti­na-rea­dy right out of the box. The ima­ge fra­me short­co­des are one of the only non-reti­na items howe­ver they still look super-duper gor­geous. Uploa­ding a Reti­na-rea­dy logo is only a mou­se click away. Fire up your reti­na display and go have a look — you won’t be disap­poin­ted.

    Yes. The­re are an abso­lu­te abun­dant amount of desi­gn and custo­mi­za­tion options avai­la­ble in this the­me. The even coo­ler part is that we’ve spent an incre­di­ble amount of time in the plan­ning and imple­men­ta­tion of the­se options ensu­ring that eve­ry option baked into Kar­ma is only a few mou­se clicks away. Be sure to check out the Desi­gn sec­tion of this demo site for a more in-depth look.


Built for the futu­re

    Yes. Kar­ma comes trans­la­ted in over 10 inter­na­tio­nal lan­gua­ges. We’ve inve­sted time and money to ensu­re that you can trans­la­te your web­si­te with the utmo­st ease. Lan­gua­ges inclu­de: English, Češti­na, Deu­tsch, Español, Fra­nçais, Ita­lia­no, Chi­ne­se, Neder­lands, Pol­ski, Por­tu­guês, Русский, Tür­kçe, Japa­ne­se.
    Web acces­si­bi­li­ty means that peo­ple with disa­bi­li­ties can use and access your web­si­te. More spe­ci­fi­cal­ly, Web acces­si­bi­li­ty means that peo­ple with disa­bi­li­ties can per­cei­ve, under­stand, navi­ga­te, and inte­ract with the Web, and that they can con­tri­bu­te to the Web. During the re-build of Kar­ma we tea­med up with an Acces­si­bi­li­ty Expert to audit the the­me and pro­vi­de gui­dan­ce about whe­re to impro­ve the the­me for grea­ter acces­si­bi­li­ty.

    Yes. We’ve inve­sted a nice chunk of money to pro­vi­de you with the highly popu­lar Layer­Sli­der, Sli­der Revo­lu­tion and 3D CU3ER Sli­der Plu­gins. Kar­ma is ful­ly opti­mi­zed, seam­les­sly inte­gra­ted and rea­dy to rock-and-roll right out of the box. All plu­gins are kept enti­re­ly up to date so that you can keep your money in your poc­ket and add ama­zing func­tio­na­li­ty to your web­si­te.

    You bet­chya! In many ways you could say that our main pro­duct is outstan­ding the­me sup­port. It’s what we work on the har­de­st. 90% of our staff is in some way dedi­ca­ted to this pro­cess. Pur­cha­se this the­me with con­fi­den­ce in kno­wing that you will be ful­ly bac­ked by a dedi­ca­ted team of ama­zin­gly friend­ly web­si­te pro­fes­sio­nals.

    Yes. The­re is an abso­lu­te boa­tload of addi­tio­nal fea­tu­res inclu­ded in this the­me. The most impor­tant fea­tu­re is that Kar­ma is actual­ly usa­ble. We’ve got a com­bi­ned 10 years wor­king in the tren­ches at high-cost mar­ke­ting firms so we abso­lu­te­ly know what it takes to build a suc­ces­sful and usa­ble web­si­te. We con­ti­nue to get repeat custo­mers becau­se Kar­ma is just so darn easy to use. Plea­se be sure to check out the Fea­tu­res sec­tion of this demo site for a more in-depth look.