Graphic Novelist Magdy El Shafee Arrested Near Clashes1′ di lettura

| Ara­bic Lite­ra­tu­re | Saba­to 20 apri­le 2013 | Mly­n­x­qua­ley |

Accor­ding to mul­ti­ple sour­ces, Mag­dy El Sha­fee was one of 39 arre­sted yester­day at Abdel Moneim Riya­dh Squa­re: Youm7 repor­ted that El Sha­fee — god­fa­ther of the Egyp­tian gra­phic novel, who faced trials and other hurd­les for his ground-brea­king Metro – was arre­sted when he went down to try to stop the cla­shes yester­day. He was appa­ren­tly arre­sted at ran­dom.
Dar Merit Publi­sher Moham­mad Hashem said on Face­book that El Sha­fee was accu­sed of per­pe­tra­ting vio­len­ce. Al Mogaz quo­ted author Moham­mad Fathi as say­ing El Sha­fee didn’t try to esca­pe from poli­ce “becau­se he didn’t do any­thing.”
Other nove­lists said on Face­book that El Sha­fee was being inter­ro­ga­ted today at Abdeen Court. It also appea­red El Sha­fee may have been inju­red in the cla­shes.