Il petrolio e la gloria. La corsa al dominio e alle ricchezze della regione del Mar Caspio1′ di lettura

Forei­gn Affairs | Novembre/Dicembre 2007 | Robert Leg­vold |

Hard­ly any topic has been more chewed over in recent years than the poli­tics of Caspian Sea oil and gas. But behind the repor­ted head but­ting of govern­men­ts, the play-by-play over pipe­li­nes, and an end­less stream of aca­de­mic con­fe­ren­ces, a bare-knuc­kle, swa­sh­buc­kling dra­ma has pit­ched and rol­led, with oil­men vying for a share of the­se riches. LeVi­ne, a cor­re­spon­dent for The Wall Street Jour­nal, has done due dili­gen­ce in fra­ming both the histo­ri­cal and the con­tem­po­ra­ry poli­ti­cal set­tings, but the treat is in the roi­ling tale of the gam­bles, bra­va­do, and maneu­ve­ring of the deal­ma­kers. James Gif­fen, the impre­sa­rio of Kazakhstan’s oil sur­ge, now under indict­ment in U.S. court, plays a cen­tral role, but the­re are many others in the cast. Like a good sce­na­ri­st, LeVi­ne deve­lops the cha­rac­ters for each seg­ment befo­re pro­cee­ding with the plot. For peo­ple who liked Michael Dou­glas in Wall Street, here is an even more sub­tle and com­plex movie script.


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